Utah Weather?

I have a catalpa tree in my back yard. It is beautiful, but high maintenance. All year long, it sheds something or other. Leaves, flowers, bark, and long sharp pods that will (on occasion) impale themselves in the lawn and stand vertically, at attention, until I get around to tidying the yard. It’s slightly disconcerting.

I saw what I thought was the end of a catalpa pod on the roof of my shed and knocked it off and to the ground. Only it turned out to be a banana in jerky form. 

How the hell did that get there? I still can’t figure it out. My best guess is that a magpie stole it from a picnic and then left it on my roof when it realized it wasn’t a corn dog.

Wily little buggers, those magpies. I don’t mind them, but if they were much bigger – I’m thinking beagle sized – I would never leave my house. 


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