I have been down.  I got down after Orlando and then it seems like things got worse and worse.  I say “seems” because I have also seen some reminders that – actually – we are getting better over time.  There is less violence now than there was in the past.  We are less bigoted than we were a few generations ago.  We are making progress.  Slow, painful progress.

Meanwhile, I have been writing, but nothing worth posting.  I’m re-evaluating what I want to accomplish with the blog in general.  Part of being down has made me feel that I have nothing to say.  But I’m going to keep on saying my nothings anyway.  I’m an American after all.  We don’t have to be qualified to have opinions.

I’ll pull my head out of the news and then I’ll be back.  For now here is something funny someone else did with lemons.


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