On Having a Small Dog in the Snowy Mountain West: A Haiku by Rachel Lewis

There’re turds on my deck.

They are melting now, slowly.

I must fix that soon. 

(PS I know “they are” is technically two syllables, even if you contract it. Don’t email me.)

Gifted Hands

I ordered a pair of gloves for my nephew for Christmas. They arrived just now. Judging by the description on the tag, I feel that they should have been much more expensive. 


Momento Rock

“Oh that rock? I was staying in this boutique hotel in Los Angeles and, in addition to the mini-bar, they had this shelf full of weird merchandise. I thought it was amusing, but I wasn’t interested. That is, until I saw that rock. Maybe because it was so ordinary… It reminded me of all the rocks from my childhood, adolescence, young adulthood and middle adulthood. It was twenty dollars but I just HAD to have it.”

Said no one, ever [I hope].



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